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Monday, February 28, 2005

Week 38

We're at week 38 now. Not a whole lot has changed since last week. I am experiencing recognizable contractions, but nothing regular. Weight & blood pressure are the same. Dr. Dix says I am effacing, but I'm not dilating yet. Baby is still quite content where he is, but I suspect he may be getting antsy too. I base this on the pressure his head put son my pelvis. It's not comfortable for me, I don't know how it could be comfortable for him.

Friday had my little shower with my 4 friends from church. I had a great time, and we got a ton of baby clothes. He's gonna look so adorable! He even got a Baby's First Easter outfit. We also got a jolly jumper, which I always loved as a kid.

So, next Tuesday is my last appointment before the due date. Geoff will come with me, as we will talk to Dr. Dix then about setting a date for inducement, in case Elijah doesn't come before the 13th. I really hope he comes before then, as I would really rather not be induced.

Please feel free to check the other blog once in while, as I may call and post an audio note when the baby comes. Also, I posted a photo of the bassinet, one of the baby outfits from the shower, and a picture of me from last week. The link to the photos is on the right.

The waiting continues....

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

19 More Days

My baby ticker (located at the bottom of this blog) says I have 19 days left until my due date. Yikes! I mean that in a good way. We get more excited every day.

Had my weekly dr. appt today. Everything is normal. Blood pressure is 102/60, baby's heart rate is still in the 140's, and I have put on no more weight. Dr. Dix says he isn't growing much more, meaning he isn't moving up in my uterus, he's wedged down low and he's staying there. So I think he's probably just putting on weight. We did a cervical exam, and I haven't changed too much since the one 2 weeks ago. My cervix is softening, so she says to keep up with my walking. And that the cervical check doesn't mean too much, things can change rapidly. So pending that I don't go into labor this week, she'll see me again next week (Monday).

So the girls from our small group are throwing me a shower on Friday. It'll just be the few people I know at church. Geoff and I went out on Friday and bought a changing table, and a diaper genie. Monday, we visited Home Depot, and we bought supplies to put up a shelf. Since we needed to have light in the room, a shelf was necessary. It was a fun project for Dad to do. I washed what was left of the sheets and blankets, and some of his toys. I'm feeling ready for the baby to arrive.

I added pictures of the shelf and changing table in Elijah's room.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

36 Weeks

This is the cake from our baby shower on Saturday. It was fun. How often do you go to a baby shower and the baby's tub is filled with soda and beer? We got a lot of practical stuff off our Target registry. There are some things we still need, but hopefully we'll have everything ready once he comes.

Went to the doctor today, and I put on no weight, which surprised me since yesterday I ate a box of truffles. I asked Dr. Dix about the baby changing his position, since he's already head down. She said it rarely happens, he's pretty much going to stay there. She also said she figures he's about 6 lbs right now, so according to Lisa & Diane, he should be a 8 lb baby. We'll have to see when he arrives. But Dr. Dix says we're good to go at any time, and I should probably get on packing my bag for the hospital. I guess I better figure out what I'm taking with me and do that. I did pick up a calling card so Geoff can call family once the baby comes.

Now we just play the waiting game.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

5 Weeks Left

Had another appointment today. All is well with mom & baby. My weight is excellent, my blood pressure is perfect (95/50), and baby's heartbeat is still going strong. He is already head down, and I suspected that by the rib kicking I've been getting in the last week. It was so nice to see Dr. Dix today, not that I don't like Dr. Parrish, but she isn't delivering the baby. I will have to make a point of seeing Dr. Dix's back-up doctor (Dr. Jacobson) in case she is on call at the other hospital when I go into labor. But she did provide me with her pager number and home number. How cool is that?

The museum shower is on Saturday, which should be fun. Mary was sick last weekend, so hopefully she'll be well for the shower. We're going to knock out any last minute details tomorrow.

I had a dream about Elijah the other night. In my dream, I saw his face, and he had my eyes. I can't wait to meet him. I'm not really tired of being pregnant. I really miss being able to sleep on my stomach, and I hate that my hips hurt when I try to sleep. But other than that, it's been a neat experience.