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Friday, February 08, 2008


I hadn't realized I haven't blogged here since November! What a bad mommy am I?

Christmas was a hoot, Elijah was spoiled, and loved spending time with Nana & Grampy. We all took turns being sick, but everyone is better now.

Elijah is signed up to take gymnastics again next month, it's only for 4 weeks, hopefully he'll have fun. He has already told me what kind of cake he wants for his birthday (Incredibles). I will now make a plea on behalf of him & his brother regarding gifts.

They really did get a lot of toys at Christmas, so if you want an idea of what to get for birthdays...
books, movies, stuff for his train set (he has the Thomas wooden train set), or clothes (Elijah is 4T, Miles is 24 mo-2T)

Here are some pics for you.

Falling asleep watching Toy Story

Laughing boy