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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Poor Little Peanut

Everything was fine yesterday, and then last night at 8pm, Elijah woke up (or he was never really asleep), and he would not go back to bed. He cried, he fussed, and only rocking in Mommy's arms would comfort him. Shortly after 9, I decided I'd try to take him for a car ride, in hopes it would calm him down. When we got back to the house after maybe 15-20 minutes, I discovered that the odd sound he made 5 minutes after we left was him throwing up. His blanket had got the brunt of it (and there was a lot), but also his car seat, and the backseat. Thank God we have our own washer & dryer, because I could wash everything right away. I gave Elijah a bath to calm him, and then into some new jammies. I gave him some baby Tylenol, and put him to bed. I cleaned up the car, and headed to bed myself. We hardly slept. He was up every 40-60 minutes, then it would be 15-20 minutes of me rocking him back to sleep. We did this all night. He was up at 6:45 this morning, all smiles, ready to greet the day. Not the attitude I had, but at 11:30am I got him to take a nap. It's currently 2:15, and he's still sleeping. Yay! He seems fine, he has a few boogies, but other than that, you'd never know he was sick. Hopefully it will pass quickly.

Oh that big nap he's having, I just woke up from mine, so I'm a little more refreshed. Poor Daddy. Don't know how he slept last night, but since Elijah only wants Mommy, not much a Daddy can do.

We finally got some childproofing done around the house. We have locks on two cabinets, electrical plugs covers all over the house, and we have a gate. Both the kids hate it, but Honey has adapted much better. Elijah just climbs up to the third stair and holds on to the gate. Perhaps he's trying to figure out how to defeat it. I wouldn't put it past him.

On Friday, we went to storytime at the library. He didn't really care to sit and listen to a story, but stared at the kids dancing during music time.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Another One?

Elijah has another cold. :( It's just a runny nose, and he isn't sleeping well (which means neither are Mommy & Daddy). Hopefully he'll be better by Thursday, so we can go to Mom To Mom.

Saturday Elijah opened his first savings account. It's a custodian account, which means it is a joint account with me, but it is linked to his social security number. He got some money at Christmas, so I wanted him to have his own account that he can use to save money. When he has saved a substantial amount, we'll open up a CD for him. I realize we should probably start on a college savings plan, but we're not ready to think about that right now. Maybe by next year. It is not our intention to pay for his whole college/university future, but we do want to help out.

That's about it. He still scampers up the stairs quickly, he very well may be walking by his first birthday. Yikes.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Frequent Flyer

Elijah took his first (of many) trips to California last week. It was so awesome for me to be able to introduce him to the people out there that I love. And since Geoff & I are honorary Kroliks, I assume Elijah will enjoy being a part of that family too. Everyone loved him, naturally. He did okay for the flights, and I'm not sure he appreciated the change of weather as much as I did. By the last night there, he was getting used to not sleeping in his crib, but still he slept okay.

We didn't do any activities, we mostly just hung out with people, which I loved, and it also made it not so overwhelming on him. We did go to a park a few times, and he loves the swings. We should look into getting one for the backyard someday. He played with a few dogs, at Cindy's and at Jen & Greg's. He loves animals.

We asked Jen & Greg, and Cate & Kaisara to be godparents to Elijah. It was something Geoff and I wanted to do for a long time, so when we went out to dinner on Saturday night, I took that opportunity. They gladly said yes, and were very excited to call each other by their new title, and argue over who got the title of Fairy Godmother (I think it ended up being Greg).

Now for some more big news, Elijah now climbs stairs! Since Cindy has a single step into her living room from the front door, he learned to crawl over it to do laps around the house. It was only natural he'd put it to the ultimate test of climbing her staircase. It's so adorable, and I will try to post the video of it soon, along with other pictures from our visit. I can't wait for all of us to go back out there in a few months.

He must be happy to be home, he slept uninterrupted last night until 8am this morning. What a nice gift for his mommy. He misses Geoff, but Daddy will be home on Thursday.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

10 Months Old

Yesterday Elijah turned 10 months old. He seems to be developing new skills every day. It's such a treat for us to see him growing. He is big on exploring, he is crawling, he pulls himself up on everything, and he can sort of walk between things he's holding onto (like table to couch).

We went for a walk yesterday up to Lookout Park, which is a hilltop picnic area just down the road from us. You can see the mountains perfectly, as well as our neighborhood. It was a perfect day to be outside.

Here's a movie for you to enjoy of Elijah showing off his skills.