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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Frequent Flyer

Elijah took his first (of many) trips to California last week. It was so awesome for me to be able to introduce him to the people out there that I love. And since Geoff & I are honorary Kroliks, I assume Elijah will enjoy being a part of that family too. Everyone loved him, naturally. He did okay for the flights, and I'm not sure he appreciated the change of weather as much as I did. By the last night there, he was getting used to not sleeping in his crib, but still he slept okay.

We didn't do any activities, we mostly just hung out with people, which I loved, and it also made it not so overwhelming on him. We did go to a park a few times, and he loves the swings. We should look into getting one for the backyard someday. He played with a few dogs, at Cindy's and at Jen & Greg's. He loves animals.

We asked Jen & Greg, and Cate & Kaisara to be godparents to Elijah. It was something Geoff and I wanted to do for a long time, so when we went out to dinner on Saturday night, I took that opportunity. They gladly said yes, and were very excited to call each other by their new title, and argue over who got the title of Fairy Godmother (I think it ended up being Greg).

Now for some more big news, Elijah now climbs stairs! Since Cindy has a single step into her living room from the front door, he learned to crawl over it to do laps around the house. It was only natural he'd put it to the ultimate test of climbing her staircase. It's so adorable, and I will try to post the video of it soon, along with other pictures from our visit. I can't wait for all of us to go back out there in a few months.

He must be happy to be home, he slept uninterrupted last night until 8am this morning. What a nice gift for his mommy. He misses Geoff, but Daddy will be home on Thursday.


  • At 10:54 PM , Anonymous lisa said...

    what can i say but super???!!!!

  • At 7:11 AM , Blogger Athena said...

    He must have been inspired by the California sunshine! That's wonderful! Little guy on the move!


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