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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

19 More Days

My baby ticker (located at the bottom of this blog) says I have 19 days left until my due date. Yikes! I mean that in a good way. We get more excited every day.

Had my weekly dr. appt today. Everything is normal. Blood pressure is 102/60, baby's heart rate is still in the 140's, and I have put on no more weight. Dr. Dix says he isn't growing much more, meaning he isn't moving up in my uterus, he's wedged down low and he's staying there. So I think he's probably just putting on weight. We did a cervical exam, and I haven't changed too much since the one 2 weeks ago. My cervix is softening, so she says to keep up with my walking. And that the cervical check doesn't mean too much, things can change rapidly. So pending that I don't go into labor this week, she'll see me again next week (Monday).

So the girls from our small group are throwing me a shower on Friday. It'll just be the few people I know at church. Geoff and I went out on Friday and bought a changing table, and a diaper genie. Monday, we visited Home Depot, and we bought supplies to put up a shelf. Since we needed to have light in the room, a shelf was necessary. It was a fun project for Dad to do. I washed what was left of the sheets and blankets, and some of his toys. I'm feeling ready for the baby to arrive.

I added pictures of the shelf and changing table in Elijah's room.


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