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Saturday, January 01, 2005

He's Coming When?

Holy Moses! Tomorrow I will be 30 weeks along. Which means, in theory, the baby is coming in 10 weeks. 10 weeks!?! Yikes!

I have an appointment on Tuesday, and I feel like I should have questions, but my mind is going blank. Saturday we'll have our first Prenatal class, and I'll be asking them for the forms for us to pre-register at the hospital. Also setting up a time for us to tour the hospital, since we won't be delivering at Fitzsimons. Tomorrow I plan on registering at Target, and talking to Mary about the museum baby shower. I think she was hoping to do it on the 15th, but Jeff will be in Egypt, and I know he wanted to be there.

Though 2005 will be Elijah's first Christmas, he received gifts this year. :) He got some clothes, a Canadian bib and booties, some small toys, and a few blankets. One of the blankets was made by my friend Cate in California, it's so beautiful. She sewed a note to him on it, which was very sweet. This baby sure is loved!

Well, I will post on Tuesday and let you know what is new. Here is a picture of me taken at Christmas. It may be hard to see how big I am, but everyone who hears how far along I am keeps telling me I'm too small. Can't hear that enough I'll tell ya. :)


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