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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Thank yous

One of Geoff's old co-workers from UCI sent us a baby gift in the mail! It was quite a surprise to see a package arrive from Amazon that I didn't order. I eventually surmised it must have been a gift off the baby registry, and it was. I just didn't expect a gift from Anna & Francesco. Here's what they sent:

It was very thoughtful of them. I am amazed at how the birth of a child gets everyone excited. We've gotten several small items from Geoff's co-worker Tammy, that she no longer needed. I worry that Elijah's small room isn't going to hold all this stuff. Well, the bassinet from Cindy will go into our room at some point, probably once we set up the crib.

We're all doing great. Honey woke up Geoff and Elijah the other night with her purring. She was curled up between us in bed, and Elijah could hear her purring and started kicking. It would have been funny if it weren't 4 am. We're a happy family. :)


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