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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Elijah James Armstrong

It's a boy!
We had our appointment today, and it was pretty clear that the baby has boy bits. Baby is doing great, is healthy, measuring at 22 weeks along (I'm at 21 weeks. They don't change the due date unless it's off by more than 2 weeks), and I'm doing great too. I haven't put on too much weight, and I'm measuring well also. Elijah will be having an echo cardiogram in the next few weeks since his daddy has a heart murmur. No biggie, they just want to play it safe. Of course I'll be back at the doctor in a month for my checkup, so that should make 2 more appointments this month. Now that we know it's a boy, we can start looking at cute little boy outfits.

Mary, from the museum is throwing me a museum baby shower. She's calling it an un-shower, as it won't be very traditional. Unless of course traditional baby showers have men & beer. :) Hey, I don't care what she does, so long as she can get the guys from DMNS to come to my shower. She is requesting we get to Target to register there on top of us registering at Babies R Us. She figures it'll be easier for everyone to get to Target. I'd run right out and do it right now, but I think Geoff likes to go if only to work the scan gun.

That's it from the mommy. Maybe the daddy will post his thoughts.

Oh yeah, everyone was very excited to hear it's a boy. It was great to call my family at work and tell them. They were so surprised to get a long distance call at work.


  • At 8:23 AM , Blogger Athena said...

    Congratulations you two! That's wonderful. I had a feeling it was a boy (of course veryone says that after the fact!). Sounds like everything is going well, so happy for you! ...athena


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