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Monday, August 30, 2004

New Sonogram

Here is the latest ultrasound of little Peanut. He/she is getting to be be bigger. I really liked Dr. Dix, and am glad Geoff made me choose an OBGYN. She was happy with all the answers we gave her, though Geoff is disappointed I haven't put on any weight. I'm happy though. :) I have plenty of time to put on weight.

So the pregnancy is going along swimmingly. On Saturday, we went out to Peet's for tea, and while Geoff was talking about work, I had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to cry. When I shared it with him, he touched my arm and said "you're going to be a great mom". That was it, pushed me over the edge. What a meanie he is!

I go back in 4 weeks for the 16 week check-up, and then at 20 weeks we get the next ultrasound. That one will be in movie form, so I'm not sure yet if we'll be able to post it. Ideally by then we'll be able to find out the sex.

That's it for now. Diane sent me a ton of pregnancy books, so I better get at looking through them.


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