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Thursday, August 05, 2004

When We Found Out

At the end of July, I went to see a fertility doctor. I'd been having problems not ovulating. My regular doctor gave me Progesterone, to make me menstruate. It was supposed to kick start my cycles. The last dose I took was in May. In June they sent me to have an ultrasound, to make sure my ovaries were okay, and to see if they could see any signs of PCOS (Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome). The ultrasound came back normal, and that's when I was referred to the specialist. The fertility doctor was certain I had PCOS, judging by my hormone levels. We set up an appointment to do some more tests, specifically a glucose tolerance test, to make sure I'd be safe to start Metformin, which would make my hormones return to their normal levels. While it's used to treat diabetes, it's also now used to treat PCOS. We discussed what the next step would be after Metformin, which would be fertility drugs. Geoff and I had a long talk about it, and decided it was too expensive, and our insurance wouldn't cover it. We resolved to continue to try on just the Metformin, as the doctor said some women conceive that way. I felt certain that all my body needed was to be at it's normal levels, and the eggs would figure out what to do. After 3 weeks on the Metformin, he wanted me to take a pregnancy test. If it was positive, great. If it was negative, that would be the point to go with fertility drugs. Well, the 3 week mark came before we left for Scotland, and I figured it could wait. Whatever the results, I didn't want to take that knowledge with me. Upon our return, we bought a test, and took it. Immediately it started to change. I didn't think anything of it, sometimes you see a faint line, it doesn't turn into much. After 2 minutes, Geoff went in the bathroom to wash his hands, and he called to me, "what's it supposed to look like?". I went in to look, and there were 2 very obvious lines. We sorta looked at each other and laughed. This was the first time a test ever came out positive. We talked about it that night, and I made an appointment for Monday morning.

On the way to the doctor's office, I prayed to God. I just said, it's in Your hands, and Your will be done. I get to the appt. and they take my temperature and weigh me. (Side note: I was so thrilled with that weight! I've been working on losing a few pounds, an dI was at a weight I was very happy with.) I accept that the weight is to be enjoyed now, as I will likely be putting on more. Small price to pay for a child. They ask me to give them a urine sample, and then I wait. A few long minutes later, they confirm it. I'm pregnant. Now we need to figure out when I'm due. I told them when my last period was, May, but that I started Metformin in July. Lucky for me, they have an ultrasound on site. We'll just have a look. If indeed I am 4 weeks along, we'll be able to see a little egg sack. We do the ultrasound, and the lady conducting it says, "well that's interesting". What? "well, you can see there is cardiac development" I am 8 weeks along! I see a little tiny peanut with a heartbeat. It's a surprise to me, I had no idea I was that far along. It's incredible to watch. They point out to me where the hands and feet will be, right now they are just buds. They give me a printout picture, and congratulate me. They draw blood, which they assure me will be the most they'll take this whole pregnancy. They give me some information, and tell me to see my doctor in 4 weeks.

I call Geoff immediately exiting the building. "Hi Dad". Yup, it's for certain, here's the kicker, we're 8 weeks along. When we thought we were at 4 weeks, we wanted to wait until week 8 or 10 before sharing. Now I know I have to call everybody! Here's a list of some of the reactions we got (in no particular order):
My Mom: did a happy dance
Geoff's Mom: shaking with glee
Geoff's Dad: stunned at being called Grandpa
Dawn: screamed, then "I have to shop!"
Colin: explicative, then joy
Meghan: screamed, then cried
Rachelle & Julie: screamed

It's been a hoot telling people. Lisa is on vacation, so she has a message on her machine to come home to.

The baby is due March 13, 2005, which happens to be Meghan & Mike's anniversary. I've never heard of a baby arriving on time, so we'll see when he/she comes. We decided we do want to know the sex of the baby, and I think we'll be able to find out in a few months. I really want to go register this weekend, at Babies R Us. The registry will be available online.

That's it I guess. Continue to pray for the baby's health and development.


  • At 3:45 PM , Blogger Rod said...

    M, Don't you know that the first baby can take any amount of time from 0 to 10 months but that the second one usually takes about 9? Wonder how that happens?
    ;-) I just wanted to leave a comment to see how it works.


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