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Thursday, September 09, 2004

It Begins

Like 2 weeks ago we got our first baby gift in the mail. It was an Ocean Wonders fishbowl from our good friends Jen & Greg in California. Jen also included a ton of baby & pregnancy scrapbook stickers. :) Now we've had some baby knittings from Diane for a while, and I know there will be more on the way. Geoff's co-worker Tammy is giving us her high chair, so we can cross that off our list. Diane & Glen are purchasing the stroller for us, and Geoff and I hope to buy the glider/ottoman for ourselves. The last big thing we need now is the changing table. I'm hoping some people may pool their money together for that, it's $100.

Heather says her mom bought some baby sleepers (I think) which she's sending down with Heather. It's so exciting. Before the baby came, Geoff and I teased we wanted to register at Sur La Table (it's a kitchen store). But I feel good about the registry we have now. The closet in the spare room needs a lot of work. There will be no room to hang baby clothes unless we figure out what to do about the stuff in there. It holds golf clubs (which I'm working on getting Geoff to either sell or donate to Goodwill) and all our camping stuff. Oh yes, and the boxes to all the big electronics (computer, printer, scanner, tv, vcr, dvd, stereo).

I was ill the last two days. Tuesday I had a horrible headache all day. My head was throbbing, and I felt hot. I ended up throwing up Tuesday night, something I haven't done in years. Wednesday I just felt weak and had a slight headache. But today I feel great. A 24 hour bug, or maybe morning sickness. Who knows!

Next appt is on Sept 21, so if you don't get an update before then, you will on the 21st.


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