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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


This morning, we got to hear the baby's heartbeat. It was loud and very strong. It kinda sounded to me like a train quickly approaching, chuga chuga chuga chuga. Dr. Dix says everything is going great, my weight is good (I put on 4 pounds) and the baby is right where it should be. She measured from my pelvic bone to my belly button and deemed that everything is going great. We drew blood to do the quad screening test (I'll explain in a sec), and made our next appointment for November 2. This will be the big 20 week appointment. We'll get to take home a VHS tape of the ultrasound.

The quad screening test (also known as the multiple marker screening) measures the amount of HCG, estriol, Alpha Fetoprotein, and inhibin A. This is to test for Down's Syndrome. While we are at low risk for that because of our age and health, it is offered to everyone. For more information, visit this link at Babycenter.com.

We also discussed with the doctor about where we will give birth. She's a little reluctant to deliver the baby at Fitzsimons since it is a brand new facility and have not had any babies over there yet. We may end up delivering at University Hospital in Denver (where Geoff used to work), but we'll see as March gets closer. Dr. Dix says she'd like to wait until Fitzsimons has delivered at least 100 babies, and to make sure they can handle any possible situation. Geoff's co-worker Tammy had her baby at University and was very happy there. We'll have to take a tour of it. On top of that, we found out Dr. Dix and her colleague Dr. Jacobson are the only two doctors who will deliver at University. Apparently the University of Colorado and the doctors at Rose Medical have some weird politics going on. So Dr. Dix is continuing to care for her University of Colorado patients, but won't be taking new patients with that insurance. She'll finish out our pregnancy, but it's doubtful we'll get to have her for our next baby (if we were to stay here). By then we may be on different insurance, which I'd like since I really like her.

So that's it for now. Continue to pray for a safe pregnancy.


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