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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Bust A Move

Thursday night, I was singing in the shower, and I felt an elbow poke me. Like a hey, quit it Mom! It was so weird. Then Sunday night, we were watching Celebrity Poker Showdown, and I felt it again. I made Geoff put his hand on my belly, and after I felt it again, I asked if he felt it. He did! It was like a poke in his hand. It was pretty exciting. I think he'll be able to feel them better once I get to 24 weeks (according to all the books). I have felt other movements, but not like it was on Thursday.

Next Tuesday morning is the big appointment. We bought a videotape, as instructed by Dr. Dix. We want to try to figure out how we can get the video online. I'm not sure how that will work. I think maybe we should bring the digital camera and try to take a video of the monitor. Anyways, Geoff doesn't want to start thinking about settling on a girl's name unless the ultrasound shows it's a girl. I feel like it may be a boy, but that's just because we're settled on a boy's name.

Sigh, the waiting.

Oh, and my belly is getting bigger everyday! We went out to old Navy Friday night and got a pair of khakis which are very comfy, and I got a top that I can also wear to work. I'm now looking online to see where I can get some more tops cheap. For those interested, I wear medium. :)


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