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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Elijah's Echo Scheduled

I just wanted to post that we have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday. This is Elijah's echo cardiogram, since Goeff was born with a heart murmur, they just want to be sure Elijah's heart is healthy. I'm not worried. Nothing showed up on the last ultrasound, and though these people are specialists, I don't think I have cause to be worried.

I'm having a really hard time signing up for prenatal classes. The person in charge of it isn't returning my phone calls, so I'm wondering if I should just sign up at a different hospital. I may call again today to let them know this person isn't returning my calls. Perhaps they can shed light on it (like maybe this lady has just been on vacation the last 2 weeks).

I bought a cute little onesie last week. Geoff keeps telling me people love buying baby clothes so I don't need to. But I just wanted to have one thing I could say I picked out. :) It has trucks on it.

Old Navy has this cute sherpa jacket (for me), but I'm waiting for the price to drop some more (I hope it does). I need to focus more on Christmas shopping rather than clothes shopping for me. But I did show Geoff a great sweater at Motherhood he could get me for my birthday.

This morning, we could see Elijah moving. He was kicking and you could see my belly moving. It was quite a funny sight to see.

Well, amazingly, I still have people to call to tell them it's a boy. I hope to take care of that today.


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