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Monday, November 29, 2004

Appointment Moved

My doctor's appointment got moved from Tuesday to Thursday. I just mention it because I know people will ask about it. I won't be seeing Dr. Dix, as she is off this week. This week is the glucose test, so not too exciting for Geoff. He won't come with me, it would be a waste of his time, and he had to miss going to work last week because he was sick.

I think Elijah must have given me super powers because the smoke in the casino didn't bother me at all, I didn't catch whatever Geoff has, and I was able to win money in Vegas. He also must like the sound of Honey purring because if she's near me and purring, he starts to kick.

My mom sent some baby stuff down with Lisa. We got a plush giraffe piggy bank for Elijah's room. It plays It's A Small World. We also got a giraffe blanket, and a Parents To Be ornament for our Christmas tree. Lisa provided me with munchies (which are all gone) and some clothes I'll be able to wear after the baby comes. Some of the tops I can wear now, which is awesome.

Lisa commented that I'm big enough, even though I hit the 6 month mark last week. I'm sure I'll just continue to get bigger. I am a little nervous about the weigh in on Thursday, but when I weighed myself in Vegas, the number was pretty good. You can see pictures from Vegas on my website.

The prenatal massage was amazing. I could go for another one. I didn't realize how tense my back and shoulders were.

I've noticed my hands are unbearably dry. I'm constantly putting lotion on. Speaking of... I should go put some on now.


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