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Friday, January 28, 2005

Tours & Photos

Last night we toured University Hospital where we will be giving birth in nearly 6 weeks (or so). There's not much to say, it's a hospital. It's nothing like the University Hospital at Fitzsimons, but it's where the doctor wants to deliver. All the rooms are private, as are the postpartum rooms. It was a busy place, there were many people getting ready to give birth, as well as people who had just given birth. So we know where to go when the big day arrives.

I put up some baby related pictures on my website, including a recent picture of me and one of the baby gift we received from Rod & Diana (Geoff is modeling it).

I have my next appointment in 2 weeks, then I move to every week. I have them all scheduled, and should I deliver early (or on time) I don't have to call to cancel, they'll have a record of it. Which is cool, because I did wonder about that. since I didn't see Dr. Dix this week (she was running behind), I didn't get to ask my questions. But some of those questions were answered on the tour. The appointment went well, my weight gain was perfect (perfect by my standards), the baby is good, I'm measuring just right.

I have to get on calling the ladies planning my showers, so I'm going take care of that now.


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