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Monday, January 24, 2005


We graduated from our prenatal class this Saturday. While we were unsure when we started the classes that it would benefit it us, after it was all over we felt it had been worthwhile. Our last class they brought in an empathy belly for the husbands to wear. Geoff doubted that it was accurate for the weight that I have put on, but I told him we'll see how big I get in these last few weeks. The teacher and her assistant commented that they enjoyed the realism I portrayed during our practice exercises. You know me, such a drama queen. Just trying to be realistic for Geoff and I. What's the point in pretending it's all going to be smiles. We have a reunion scheduled for May, and they want us all to bring the babies. That might be interesting.

Geoff put together the crib up on Saturday night. Honey wasn't sure what to make about all the activity. I pulled the bassinet out for her to get used to it being in different places. I think she liked crawling underneath it. She's funny like that, she likes to have her own little fort (just like a kid). I'll try to post pictures of some of this stuff.

We talked about the glider and the changing table. We decided that the glider just isn't going to happen. There just isn't room for it. We could have it in the living room, but it wouldn't leave much room to move about. As for the changing table, I'm still trying to talk Geoff into it. I think there is room for it in the baby's room, and we certainly could use the storage space to hold all the changing supplies. We also need to find the money for it.

I have an appointment this week, and we'll be touring the hospital on Thursday night. I'm hoping they'll give us more info on the parking situation. Geoff wants to just park in the lot a few blocks away where his parking pass is good for. :) It'll be fun though to do the tour and see where it will all happen.

No more contractions since that last one. I'm still feeling pretty good. I'm trying to sleep as much as I can, while I can, and trying to take it easy. 7 more weeks before we meet the little guy.


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