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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Taking Care Of Business

So I was looking at some website that gave a list of all the things I should get done in my 3rd trimester, and it freaked me out. I started to panic. I know I shouldn't let these things bother me, but it did light the fire underneath me to get on a few things. First off, I talked with Fiona (Brad's wife), since she's a neo-natal nurse. I asked her for advice on finding a pediatrician, since it was on the list. She said to try Cherry Creek Pediatrics, especially if it's under our insurance. The office is right across the street from us. Last night we toured the office and met one of the doctors and had some questions answered. I think we will select a doctor from there for it's convenience and because Fiona says the doctors there are the best. It's pretty fancy in there. They don't have privileges at University Hospital, meaning they won't be able to come see Elijah after he's born, we'll have to bring Elijah into their office once we get out of the hospital. No big deal though.

I had an appointment this week. Everything is still good. My blood pressure is the same as always (100/60) and I only put on one pound since my last visit. I'm crediting my sickness to that. For those who may be concerned about my weight gain, don't be. This pregnancy I have put on 18 lbs, which is a good amount. And my doctor isn't worried. So while I look small, I guess I just wear pregnancy well. My next appointment is in 3 weeks, they are going to become more frequent. Oh, I did talk to my doctor about me being sick the last 2 weeks. She said it's just viral, but take some Sudafed to dry out my sinuses so they aren't draining into my throat and irritating it. My only concern is now that I got Geoff sick again, that he may pass it back to me.

I'm waking up in the middle of the night with my hips aching. No amount of pillows is making it better. I'll just suffer through this for a few more weeks. I did some major tidying up in the baby's room to make room for Geoff to set up the crib. I'll be moving the bassinet into our room soon.

I'm hoping that we'll get a lot out of our prenatal classes, which start on Saturday. I'm nervous. I fear the unknown. :)

We did make it to Target to register, and Mary and I settled on the first weekend of February for the museum baby shower. As for my non-museum friends, Fiona has offered to throw a shower. I'm always touched by the kindness of our friends.

That's all for now.


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