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Monday, February 28, 2005

Week 38

We're at week 38 now. Not a whole lot has changed since last week. I am experiencing recognizable contractions, but nothing regular. Weight & blood pressure are the same. Dr. Dix says I am effacing, but I'm not dilating yet. Baby is still quite content where he is, but I suspect he may be getting antsy too. I base this on the pressure his head put son my pelvis. It's not comfortable for me, I don't know how it could be comfortable for him.

Friday had my little shower with my 4 friends from church. I had a great time, and we got a ton of baby clothes. He's gonna look so adorable! He even got a Baby's First Easter outfit. We also got a jolly jumper, which I always loved as a kid.

So, next Tuesday is my last appointment before the due date. Geoff will come with me, as we will talk to Dr. Dix then about setting a date for inducement, in case Elijah doesn't come before the 13th. I really hope he comes before then, as I would really rather not be induced.

Please feel free to check the other blog once in while, as I may call and post an audio note when the baby comes. Also, I posted a photo of the bassinet, one of the baby outfits from the shower, and a picture of me from last week. The link to the photos is on the right.

The waiting continues....


  • At 6:12 PM , Blogger lyan! said...

    That's super cool! He'll be named Ryan right? Yeah, don't. Cool hearing from you in a belabored (yuk yuk) sense. Send pictures at some point! Good Ruck, as the Japanese would say (They might also say "gambatte," but more often then not, good ruck).


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