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Friday, February 08, 2008


I hadn't realized I haven't blogged here since November! What a bad mommy am I?

Christmas was a hoot, Elijah was spoiled, and loved spending time with Nana & Grampy. We all took turns being sick, but everyone is better now.

Elijah is signed up to take gymnastics again next month, it's only for 4 weeks, hopefully he'll have fun. He has already told me what kind of cake he wants for his birthday (Incredibles). I will now make a plea on behalf of him & his brother regarding gifts.

They really did get a lot of toys at Christmas, so if you want an idea of what to get for birthdays...
books, movies, stuff for his train set (he has the Thomas wooden train set), or clothes (Elijah is 4T, Miles is 24 mo-2T)

Here are some pics for you.

Falling asleep watching Toy Story

Laughing boy

Friday, November 30, 2007


Elijah got a gift from Kevin & Ali last week. He loves this thing. I worry that other Christmas gifts might be a let down after this. This kid is spoiled. Here's a picture of the gift.

Elijah's head light

He puts it on, then says, "I'm ready to go camping!"

One other little tidbit, Elijah & Miles got their flu shots this week. We did Elijah's first, because I knew he wouldn't go for it if he saw Miles get it first. When the nurse walked in, Elijah said, I want a band-aid. I said, oh you're gonna get a band-aid. Then he saw the needle, and changed his mind.
Elijah: "I don't want a band-aid!"
Mommy: "You asked for a band-aid".

He did great for it, got over it pretty quick. Then it was Miles' turn. Elijah turned to him and said, "Miles it's gonna hurt".

Now he walks around the house saying "you asked for a band-aid". Kids are so funny.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Elijah Loves Snow

Friday, November 09, 2007

Open Up

On Saturday I took Elijah to the doctor. Needed some mommy assurance that he was okay. His cough is still hanging on! He started his cough on the 17th of October, so after 2 and a half weeks I expected it to fizzle out. Nope. We're at the 3 and half week mark now and he's still coughing! Once he hits four weeks, I can call them again. In any case, at the doctor appointment they listened to his heart and lungs, and everything was clean. They even tested to see his O2 stats, and he was at 97%, which is good. Now if someone can explain to me how that device works, that would be awesome! They clipped it to his toe to see that his body was getting enough oxygen (the finger one wasn't doing the trick). Isn't modern medicine neat?

This week we took Elijah to see the dentist for the first time. He was so excited to get up in the chair. He was friendly enough to everyone. But once the dentist wanted to touch his teeth, game over. But they only deal with children's teeth, so having a kid cry and thrash was nothing new to them. Once it was over, Elijah calmed down (what can I say? He doesn't like people touching his head). The dentist said his teeth look good. The spaces are excellent for the adult teeth to show up. It will save us having to floss. All his teeth are in or have broken through.

The dentist told us about snacks Elijah needs to give up, like raisins (at least between meals), and that juice is only for meal time. Why? Saliva production. He can only have juice and chewy foods when he's eating a meal, when he is producing the most saliva, and able to wash away the sugars. Makes sense, but it means mommy has to find new snacks. We also have to change up his brushing habits, which Elijah hasn't had a problem with. He can still brush his teeth, but then we need to go over his mouth afterwards, and he needs to be lying down.

Because Elijah was wearing his Avs outfit, and he's such a good boy, the dentist gave him a hockey puck he had on his desk. Elijah loved it! He also got to go pick out a toy from the toy cabinet. He chose "pink guy", a stretchy toy.

He will now start visiting the dentist every 6 months, but they won't do a cleaning until he is more comfortable. They said kids can start visiting the dentist at 18 months (can you believe that?). Well, we would have brought him in sooner, but he wasn't ready for it. It wasn't until the last 6 months Elijah started to let us brush his teeth. So yeah Dr. Dentist, you show me a kid who is ready for the dentist at 18 months!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Elijah Tidbits

Elijah picked out some new slippers at the store. His other ones were getting too small, plus he'd slip all over the kitchen in them and fall down.

the new duck slippers

Elijah is fighting a cold.

He still has no Halloween costume. I have until Saturday, when we have a Halloween party to go to.

Elijah is going to his first dentist appt in 3 weeks.

His favorite shows are currently Thomas & Friends, Curious George, Backyardigans, Wonder Pets, Little Einsteins, & Go Diego Go.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Rolly Polly

Walking on the floor beam

Two weeks in, only two weeks left. Elijah likes his gymnastics class. They have a lot of fun stuff to play with, he mostly enjoys climbing on top of the arc and sliding down. This week he actually wanted to try and use the bar.

I was lucky enough to have Auntie Ali to take a ton of pictures for me. They are up on shutterfly now. It's probably best to view the album as a slideshow, because there are a lot of pics.

One last little tidbit, Elijah is getting a new tooth, in the back of his mouth. He's not too fazed by it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Summer Is Over

Mr. Jelly Mustache

Being silly

Wow, it's been a while since we've given an Elijah update. What can I say?

He's always bumping his head into stuff.

His vocabulary is ever increasing.

His memory is WAY too good. He will talk to you about things that happened days, even weeks ago. For example, he is reminding me of when I ran a stop sign 2 weeks ago. I keep telling him it was a one time thing, I am paying more attention to stop signs and I'm a good driver.

He started gymnastics this week. It's not a very structured class, but he enjoys running around and playing on the equipment.

If I would let him, he would eat all day long!

He will go get his flu shot in November at Miles' next doctor appt.