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Friday, March 31, 2006

Tiny Update

Not much has been going on, just everyday stuff. He loves playing with his walker, he'll pretty much hold onto anything and walk around the house. He continues to get new teeth all the time.

I forgot to mention, the day my mom and grandma came, Elijah fell down the whole flight of stairs. I ran up the stairs to file something, and didn't know he was following me up. By the time I closed the cabinet, I heard him falling, hit each stair. I ran to the bottom, and comforted him for maybe 3 minutes, and he was done crying and back to laughing. It made my heart stop to hear that sound. He had a few small yellow bruises in the following days, but otherwise he's been fine. Falling, down stairs, or off couches, does not deter him from climbing. Every the curious boy.

I hope to get him a cute little outfit for Easter, I have my eye on something at Children's Place. I still haven't gotten him to a studio to get pictures taken. Timing and money. It may not happen until summer, or Christmas. But it is definitely future plans.

I'll try to upload a few pictures from the visit, Elijah with his grandma & great grandma. Soon he'll get to see Nana & Grampy.


  • At 1:32 PM , Anonymous lisa said...

    oh those darn stairs......


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