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Thursday, March 09, 2006

1 Year Old

It's been a good week to be one. Elijah opened his presents on Monday, and got a few books, some dvds, some clothes and a few toys. Definitely a Baby Einstein theme. Tuesday he had his 12 month check up, and his progress pleased Dr. Perry. He is 20 lbs, 2.5 oz, and he's 29.5 inches long. Tall boy! We've been working on getting him to try more table food, so Tuesday night we went out to Q'doba for dinner, and Elijah shared my chicken soft taco. Next time, I will have to order more. He had peaches last night for dessert, which he loved, and I had to protect them from Daddy. Obviously something else we'll have to add to our shopping list. Elijah likes to eat peas, but not so sure about carrots. We're hoping to get him drinking milk soon.

Physically, the boy is always on the move. He wants to climb everything. Last night he walked with Daddy for the first time. Sorry, missed it on camera, I'll have to get it next time.

I didn't get a chance to email this to everyone, so I'm posting it. It's a video of Elijah eating his cake. Hope you had the chance to see his birthday pics, the link is on the right.

He's growing so fast, becoming more a little boy than a baby. I hope you all get a chance to see him soon.


  • At 11:50 AM , Anonymous lisa said...

    we hope to see him soon too!!!!!


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