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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

California Updates

Here are a few of Elijah's highlights from California (or we assume):

- playing with Julia (yay! someone his age!)
- watching Daddy finish the marathon
- first taste of In-N-Out
- playing with all the cats & dogs
- adding 'hi' and what sounds like 'kitty cat' to his vocabulary
- free food at Disneyland (tortillas & sourdough bread)
- a lot of time with the godparents
- walking on the beach (and walking everywhere else
- all the Kroliks, Stanleys, & Gustafsons to play with
- meeting new people
- spending time with his second cousin Kelly
- going to the pool with Alyssa & Abbie

I'm happy that he is back to sleeping 12 hours a night, getting up at 6am every day, regardless of bedtimes (his or ours) was harsh. I think he's got croup again, but he has his 15 month check-up on Friday, so we'll get Dr. Rich to look at it.


  • At 9:45 AM , Anonymous Diane said...

    Sounds like Elijah didn't let any moss (or seaweed) grow upon those wee feet of his. What a busy boy he was. I'm sure all adored him.

  • At 9:04 PM , Blogger Cate said...

    i know the our highlight of his trip was spending time with him. he's a great little boy. i'm glad he studied up on the whole walking thing so he could show off for us. can't wait 'til september to see you 3 again!


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