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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Elijah did great at the babysitter's house on Saturday. They played and he fell asleep a half hour before we got back to get him. Geoff warned her that he will spit up on her the minute she doesn't have a blanket handy, and he didn't make a liar out of Daddy. Her daughter didn't mind having him around, which encourages them about their plans to expand their family. I thought I might cry when I had leave him, but I didn't. It made house hunting much easier to not have him there, and since they didn't mind watching him, we may yet go out on a date in the future. :)

I'm hoping to move Elijah onto oat cereal next week, as he is still doing great with rice. He's not sleeping so great, but it is getting better. I still think it is the weather, as he is eating a lot, so I don't think it's hunger waking him up. He has his 6 month appointment on Tuesday, so that may be the next post.


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