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Monday, July 04, 2005

Elijah Update

Maybe you noticed (maybe you didn't), the name of the blog changed from Our Little Peanut to Elijah James. He's hardly a peanut now, he's getting to be as big boy. :) He's pretty tall. When I took him in to the doctor before we left on our trip he was 11 lbs, and 25 inches long. He's busting out of the newborn clothes, and can wear his 3-6 months clothes better.

We all survived our trip to Canada. He did great, was friendly towards everyone, and didn't mind being passed around. Geoff & I had an awesome time at the baby shower, and the gifts brought were excellent. Pictures are up from the trip, and Auntie Meghan & Nana are pooling theirs to get put up. I'll link to that when they are done.

Glendale did their 4th of July firework show on Saturday, and it was outstanding (once it started). Elijah saw a few and thought they were neat, but then fell asleep. The noise did not bother him. They are shot off a few blocks from us, and we have a great view from our balcony.

We're going to Target today to pick up some stuff for Elijah. He moved into his crib on Saturday so we want to get him a mobile. He seems to like his crib just fine.


  • At 1:53 PM , Anonymous lisa said...

    again, i am still so happy for you guys and its nice but sad to see elijah growing up so fast.


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