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Monday, June 27, 2005

Traveling Tot

Elijah has been doing great this trip. He naps during the day, and he's sleeping pretty well at night. Everyone just loves him, he isn't shy about handing out smiles. I think I'll end up having a whole page of just pictures of him in different people's arms.

Athena posted her pictures from the baby shower on Friday night. Elijah did pretty well considering how late we kept him up. I think with some of the money we got we'll get him a mobile when we get home. He'll be moving into his crib once we get home, since he's already slept in so many different beds this trip. Seems like a good time to transition him.

I'll post pictures on Saturday, once I get settled back from the trip.


  • At 8:35 AM , Anonymous lisa said...

    i'm glad he's behaving for you!!! cant wait to check out the pic!!!

  • At 12:35 AM , Anonymous Cate said...

    I checked out the pics. I LOVE your hair cut. When'd you do that? It's great! Oh yeah...Geoff & Elijah look great too :-)!


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